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Quincey + Tanner // Yakima Wedding at the Hackett Ranch

Marion K Main

absolutely divine


Every SINGLE detail is PERFECT! Quincey, you look jaw droppingly, unquestionably like one of the most beautiful brides I have EVER seen pictured. I’ll bet while these photos ARE AMAZING, they likely are not as good as you were in person. ALTHOUGH, they CERTAINLY capture/stir emotions for me as my eyes were watery,seeing yours, Grampa’s, etc. Your day looks like it was sheer perfection….nothing less than you deserve, Sweetheart!


Great photography Ashley . You captured Q and Tanners wedding perfect! I will recommend your artistry to many others in the future. Perfect wedding on a perfect day at a beautiful venue. The food was amazing, the DJ did a great job with the guests and his play list the decorations and all of the detailed thoughts put into everything made it even more special.
Congratulations Mr and Mrs Tanner Christenson


Thank you so much, Darci! I don’t know why I’m just seeing this now, but I really appreciate all of your kind words! I have to agree with you thought – their day was perfect!



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