Since its founding in 2014, Ashley Loyer Photography has had the honor of capturing countless family memories. With a dedication to excellence and a warm presence, Ashley brings a unique and personal touch to every session.

a family & lifestyle photographer serving Coastal Georgia & South Carolina 

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My family photography experience is designed to create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere, allowing me to capture natural and candid moments that showcase your family's unique personalities and connections.

It's always the goal to create a memorable and stress-free experience for your family, resulting in beautiful and timeless photographs that you'll cherish forever.

Built on a foundation of classic imagery and genuine, unfiltered emotions.


Capturing the beauty and joy of family life is not just my passion, but my heartfelt commitment. I firmly believe that family is the cornerstone of our lives, and I consider it a tremendous privilege to be entrusted with documenting the priceless moments and cherished memories that families create together.

For me, family photography goes beyond mere snapshots. It's about preserving genuine, heartfelt moments in a setting where everyone feels at ease, whether it's the cozy familiarity of home, the carefree atmosphere of the beach, or the vibrant energy of the city. I strive to create images that encapsulate the love, connection, and unbridled happiness that make family life truly extraordinary.

As a mother myself, I intimately understand the fleeting nature of childhood and how swiftly our little ones grow and evolve. Each day brings new discoveries, and it feels as if they transform into entirely new individuals in the blink of an eye. As parents, we are continuously enamored with who our children are becoming, yet simultaneously yearning to hold onto the pieces of who they once were. With this awareness, I approach family photography with deep empathy and a profound understanding of the emotions tied to the passage of time.

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Capturing the most beautiful, timeless photos that mean so much to our family. I have four very little kids and she somehow captures the most perfect pictures amongst all of our craziness! 

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